leather care

natural hides and beautiful leather can vary in colour and occasionally contain blemishes or markings, this is not a flaw in the product, this is what makes your bag unique and just yours, and we hope you enjoy making this bag your own

areas of high use | repeated stress can and will wear in areas over time, the beauty of natural hides, again this isn't a flaw this is part of the natural life of a hide,  leather will age and soften further with wear

take care when out and about hanging your bag on a chair, hook or your lap avoid placing your bag on the floor this will protect the bottom of your bag from marking and getting any scratches on your beautiful leather

ledamae recommends to spot clean only | when needed use a damp clean cloth, we recommend you treat your leather with care and if applying a good quality leather protecter that you test first in an inconspicuous hidden spot

light coloured leather is prone to absorbing other dyestuff it comes into contact with, so please take care when wearing items like denim with a light coloured bag

as you can put stress on straps, zippers, leather,  and we want to take care please try hard to not overfill your handbag | wallet

water is not leather's friend, if your handbag | wallet comes into contact with water wipe off immediately with a dry cloth, and let air dry

 we recommend storing your item in the ledamae bag provided when not in use, never ever store any leather items in plastic as they cannot breathe, always store them in a cool, dry place away from heat